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Fresh Organic Vegetables

The Market


Healthy Woman

Healthy Food. Healthy You.

We've hand selected all of our vendors because they provide healthy, natural, & great tasting food.

We stand by our vendors products so much, we enjoy their products both in our menu and at home with our own families.


Local & Impactful

All of the vendors offered in the Market are both local and other small businesses in our community.

On top of that, almost all of our vendors are minority & female owned businesses. Talk about kicking a**.

Healthy Food. Healthy You.

Our Commitment to Community is to organically strengthen the local communities through a responsible health and wellness footprint. Our marketplace features fresh, healthy, and absolutely delicious baked goods, perishables, & preservatives perfect for any occasion, gift, or person; made by local businesses in the 757. 

Our Current Vendors


Plant Based

Meats & Proteins

Seamoss Jelly & Alkaline Tea

Quality & Fresh

Olive Oil

Cereal, Trail Mix, Hummus, Energy Balls

Fresh Kambucha

with a Cause

Hippie Crack, Cookies, Nuts, Energy Balls

Gluten Free

Plant Based Desserts



100% Vegan

Cakes & Desserts

Full Spectrum

CBD Products

Organic Microgreens & Artisanal Pressed Oils

Craft Brew Inspired

Granola Bars

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